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InChI Trust Membership Program

InChI Trust has created a Membership Program that helps support, shape and direct the Trust’s ongoing development and maintenance of the InChI algorithm.  Members of the InChI Trust have the following benefits:

  • Attendance at Trust strategy meetings to discuss the direction and management of the InChI Trust, including the appointment of the Board of Directors.
  • Regular bulletins on the progress of the InChI and InChIKey. Advice on implementation of the InChI code.
  • For vendors, inclusion in the register of InChI-accredited implementers at no additional charge (provided the organization meets compliance requirements).
  • Complimentary copy of InChI Certification Suite.

Members must pay a membership fee. All fees are used solely to support the activities of the Trust’s Membership Program.  These fees are used by the Trust for administrative costs and support and maintenance of the InChI software including code management, release management, periodic InChI symposia and communications including the website and download sites.  With a dozen working groups extending InChI to new areas of chemistry, there are also now cases where we will need to support some paid software development for integrations across areas (like stereochemistry or tautomers).  These may also require some extensions due to other new areas under development.

How to Become an InChI Trust Member

The InChI Trust Membership program is structured in tiers based on the type of organization, their size and annual turnover. To become a Member or for additional information on Membership, see the Membership form. Sign and return the form to us to join the program.

Become a Member

InChI Members – Participants

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Ray Boucher

Publishing Director at John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
InChI: Board Member; InChI Member

Ian Bruno

Director of Data Initiatives at CCDC - The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre
InChI: Board Member; InChI Member; Working Groups

Pieder Caduff

RELX Intellectual Properties SA Senior Manager Enabling Technologies & Innovation, Elsevier Science
InChI: Board Member; InChI Member

Richard Kidd

Head of Chemistry Data at Royal Society of Chemistry
InChI: Board Member; InChI Member