InChI Source Code Repository

InChI Source Code Repository Working Group

Working Group Chair: Gerd Blanke

Gerd is assembling teams to review the requirements for an open-source code repository. This must not only support the complex and diverse development community but also protect the InChI assets through the InChI Trust. With a better understanding of the requirements, the groups will consider the various options available in terms of languages, development tools, repositories, etc.

Gerd is creating two new Working Groups to get started immediately:

 • Context working group (“business representatives”)

For the Context Working Group

• Represent the interests of the subcommittee and the InChI trust
• Should have at least one representative of each (active) working group
• Harmonizing the requirements and proposals from the different working groups
• Task prioritization
• Define deliveries
• Provide chemical examples for development and testing
• Project management
• Primary contact point for any business-related question

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• Technical working group

For the Technical Working Group:

• Understand the current technical implementation
• New software architecture
• Define format of new release
• What do our customers want us to deliver?
• Programming language
• Open-source requirements
• Develop implementation strategy and technical project plan
• Oversee implementation
• Control GitHub developments

If you have interest in either group, please contact Gerd directly (