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November 7, 2022: Planning a Full InChI Projects Review at Fall ACS 2023 in San Francisco

We are planning a full day review of all of the active InChI projects at the Fall 2023 ACS meeting in San Francisco. The InChI Review will take place on Saturday Aug 12, 2023. The location in San Francisco will be finalized on the coming weeks. It will be a hybrid meeting with remote participation.

Each active Working Group will provide an update and an overview of future plans.

general, trust, misc August 25, 2022: InChI in the Wild: Celebrating Over 20 years of InChI Development in Memory of InChI Developer Igor Pletnev

This symposium honoring the many contributions of Igor Pletnev to the InChI project was held as part of the ACS Chicago 2022 meeting on Sunday August 21. Also covered were many research and development efforts to extend the InChI standard into additional areas of chemistry. The slide decks for these presentations are now available here.

trust, chemistry July 1, 2022: Research Assistant/Associate - Software Development Position Open

Professor Dr. Sonja Herres-Pawlis, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry at RWTH Aachen University, has announced an open Reseach Assisstant position. The work will include further development of the IUPAC International Chemical Identifier (InChI), documentation of the programming developments and testing of extensions. The research group investigates topics in bioinorganic chemistry, sustainable polymerization catalysis, coordination chemistry and catalytic applications.

Positions have been filled.

general June 16, 2022: The InChI Trust Session at the Fall 2022 ACS Meeting in Chicago

The InChI Trust has set up an all day session at the August 2022 ACS Meeting in Chicago. The session covered the InChI standard as well as many extensions to the standard that are under development. The details of the session can be found on the website here.

trust June 9, 2022: InChI Technical Sessions in Cambridge UK June 17-19

Technical sessions are being held in personal and virtually on June 17-19 for several if the extension projects for the InChI Standard. The topics to be covered include: organometallics and to make progress toward adding extended stereochemistry and tautomers.

See the full agenda on this webpage.

general, trust April 25, 2022: SciFinder Adds InChI Key to Substance Searching

SciFinder Search Substances Expanded to Include Searching With InChI Key

Chemicl Abstracts Service announced that they have added an Advanced Search Field to search substances by InChI Key to SciFinder. InChI Key was added to a new Chemical Identifier subsection along with Chemical Name. Multiple entries must be delimited by a comma, space, or semicolon.

general April 7, 2022: InChI Days 2022 Symposium

Our InChI Days 2022 virtual symposium brought together much of the InChI development community to discuss directions and future evolution of the InChI Standard. While the InChI Standard is quite stable and used across much of the organic chemistry space, our symposium covered a wide and diverse suite of extensions being studied by working groups of experts in each area. Topics covered by these teams at our meeting included extended stereochemistry, extended tautomers, polymers, Markush/variable structures, mixtures, reactions, nanomamaterials, isotopologues and the use of QR codes. We have the slide decks from the sessions available on our website ( If you are interested in InChI or any of these extensions, sign up for our newsletter InChI OUTREACH: SUBSCRIBE to InChI OUTREACH.

trust March 24, 2022: Menu Items Under RESOURCES Expanded

Check out the items under the RESOURCES menu item from the upper right menu bar. We have expanded these to include:
• OER - Open Educational Resources for InChI - devoted to the use of InChI with many tools and resources
• Full Bibliography of articles about, referencing or use InChI
• Selected articles focused on an Overview of InChI
• Selected articles focused on Drug Discovery that include use of or reference to InChI
• AI or Machine Learning papers that reference InChI
• More general 'science' papers that reference InChI

trust, misc March 17, 2022: Open InChI Days in final planning - register now

Open InChI Days 2022 will be held virtually on April 5-6, 2022. We are in the final planning stages with the Agenda. See the Agenda, more information and to register for the event on the event webpage: HERE. This will be a virtual meeting.

trust March 9, 2022: InChI Outreach issue 2 available

The InChI OUTREACH newsletter issue 2 is now available to VIEW.