Enabling Agile Clinical and Translational Data Warehousing: Platform Development and Evaluation

Helmut Spengler, Claudia Lang, Tanmaya Mahapatra, Ingrid Gatz, Klaus A Kuhn, Fabian Prasser
JMIR Med Inform. 2020 Jul; 8(7): e15918.
Science Published: (Jan/2020)
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.2196%2F15918

Modern data-driven medical research provides new insights into the development and course of diseases and enables novel methods of clinical decision support. Clinical and translational data warehouses, such as Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside (i2b2) and tranSMART, are important infrastructure components that provide users with unified access to the large heterogeneous data sets needed to realize this and support use cases such as cohort selection, hypothesis generation, and ad hoc data analysis. Objective:Often, different warehousing platforms are needed to support different use cases and different types of data. Moreover, to achieve an optimal data representation within the target systems, specific domain knowledge is needed when designing data-loading processes. Consequently, informaticians need to work closely with clinicians and researchers in short iterations. This is a challenging task as installing and maintaining warehousing platforms can be complex and time consuming. Furthermore, data loading typically requires significant effort in terms of data preprocessing, cleansing, and restructuring. The platform described in this study aims to address these challenges.